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A Network of people who have taken up knitting their moods for a year.


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Knit a Year is a group of people who have all decided to knit their moods for a year or have become interested in how the project develops.


Whats it all about?

Knit a Year is a collection of people all knitting their moods for a year. This site provides an online home for us all. As a  non member you can see some of the content but if you want to sign up you can see more and perhaps get involved. If you want to join us we are very glad to accept new members. Just click on the sign up button on the right of this page. There is a short form to fill in. This helps you start building your own profile page and also stops us getting lots of spam requests.                

If you need help just post a comment on your page or on the left hand side of the home page and somebody will come to your rescue.

We meet most Sunday's for online chat 6.30-8.30pm British time and new things get added to the site by us and our lovely members all the time.

If you want the pattern for a Knit a Year strand click here.

The pattern is free to all members. To sign up click on the sign up button on the right.

Exhibition Opportunities

The last Arts Council Funded Exhibitions took place in Halton in 2015 at The Brindley Arts Centre, Mind Widnes, The Studio Widnes and Hazlehurst Studios in Runcorn.  We are hoping to stage more exhbitions of the strand as opportunities arise. If you have a space and would like to exhibit the strands please get in touch.

Info on how to get your strands to us is now available here.

Our wonderful tutorial on creating story labels for your strands is available here

Inspired By Knit A Year Exhibition -Deadline for proposals coming soon

We held the Inspired By exhibition at The Brindley in 2015. We love to hear stories and see work inspired by Knit A Year.  We developed a proposal form to help us curate the Brindley Exhibition. You might find it is a useful way to tell us what you are up to. You can download this form and find out more here.

Info on The Cabinet of Curiosities Exhibition

As part of the Hazlehurst Exhibitions we are created a Cabinet of Knitted Curiosities. We have had enquiries about a further cabinet exhibition. If you would be interested showing a knitted curiosity the form below will help you submit ideas. Artists and non artists can find out more and submit their ideas for consideration by downloading the artists brief and proposal form here.

The Knit a Year Book

The Knit A Year book inspired by the project is called "Creative Yarns". It is currently on sale as an illustrated version here. A new edition in text form is coming soon.

Knit a Year Workshops

We ran a series of workshops in Halton called "Halton Moods" these were free to all Halton Residents and Knit a Year site members. You can find out more about them here.

If you have a group who you think might benefit from a Knit A Year project feel free to get in touch.

In 2013-2014 Knit a Year was funded by the Arts Council. In 2015 Our funding comes to an end and we hope to become more self sufficent. If you want to help with this you can make a donation by clicking below.

Loads more, photos, blogs comments, slide show exhibitions, groups and interesting links this way. Or you can click on the tabs at the top to explore the site too.

The Knit A Year Shop

Coming in 2015 our Knit a Year Shop

If you are an artist with possible knitting and mood related products to sell please post a comment to let us know.

Knit a Year At The Studio, Widnes. Photos by Simon Kennedy. Playing below. Showing for real from 10th April at The Studio Widnes.

The slide show space is available for your exhibition ideas. In 2015 we are looking to see how we can make some money for Knit a Year through renting out the slide show space, but for now its free.


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Interesting Links

Jay Hudsons exhibition and creation of her strand in London

Radhika's blog collecting oral histories around spinning and community

New group member Sally will be logging her thoughts on knit a year with us and also on her blog page. Lots of other interesting bits on her blog too.

Knitting and thinking

Serendipity, great minds think alike.

Carol who recently joined the site has exhibitions in her allotment shed. Her blog page is here:

Spoke to Geraldine from the Uk hand knitters association this afternoon. Their site is a real treasure tove of info which i'm only part way through exploring;

Wonderful fluid use of wool. link from Kay.

Knitting through hardship from Kay. Yes its from the Daily Mail but don't let that put you off.

Knitting through a crisis

Big Knitting

Help knit a 7 mile long scalf to protest against massive arms budgets by the british goverment. Thanks kay for the link.

wool against weapons

Knitting gets a look in as part of the Furture Everything Festival in Manchester

Kay has set up a blog page to log her own progress on the project you can see it here:

A find by Kay about colour theory

Crochet Colour theory

A find by Carys on the Psychology of colour which is intriging:

Might be worth a go for all those into knitting and technology. This row counter for your phone.

Knit a Balaclava for this exhibition which will look at the infringement of our civil liberties through goverment survailance.

Jamye one of the knit a year knitters has a blog here and has written about her experience on the project, great insight.

Group who are trying to get people thinking about creating their own image and recycling by making smart stuff.
A programe which allows you to turn any photo into a knitting pattern. Simple enough to use and free too.
Lion brand web page, free pattern finder with lots of really interesting patterns.
Link kindly donated by Sue. Knitting with wire to make bracelets etc.
Starvation Diet, a project blog by artist Beth Barlow looking at trying to re-address the fact that she is a bit fat whilst others are starving.
Blaggerblogger, a blog site where nothing can be true. Built to assist with creative writing and imagination.
Beth Barlow- artists website. Find out about new projects to get involved in.
Interesting take on graffiti knitting with knitted characters:
knitted dolls in the street etc. Known as Yarn bombing, you go out for a day and just fill a place with knitted things-
Catts Knit a year word press page. I like it cause it tells such a story of her life and moods-
Lovely and unusual knitted stuff




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